Austin Landoe – Enlightenment Portrait









Anybody who knows Austin knows he loves cars. He doesn’t just love looking at cars, he loves working on them, driving them, and reading about them. It seems to be an interest that is innate within him, something that must have started before birth. His mom tells me when he was a little boy he would stare out the window of the car and shout out the make and model of every car they drove past. His high school years weren’t spent on a sports team, but in his garage restoring a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle. Though he helped his dad work on that car from the time he was 8 years old, he officially started its restoration when his parent’s gifted it to him at just 13 years old.

Though the Volkswagen is his “project car,” his 1991 Subaru Legacy is his first car, the one he learned to drive in, and the one he spends most of his time in. He takes great pride in listening to the purr of the engine which is still in top shape after 26 years and 335,000 miles. He doesn’t care about flashy and expensive, he prefers classic and clean.

Every time he visits home his dad and his younger brothers have some sort of project they need advice on because they know that Austin is the one to go to for advice. I have never seen him faced with a problem, mechanical or otherwise, that he hasn’t been able to solve. He is dedicated, analytical, and has an impressive attention to detail. I have never met anyone with a work ethic like Austin. He is accurate and precise in the work he does. He faces things head on and is never afraid to get his hands dirty. He’s smart, he’s talented, and he knows how to get things done.


Photo Process:

These photos were taken at around 8pm. I used a Speedlight on a tripod to light his face and took bracketed shots to capture all of the highlights, shadows, and mid-tones.


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