Motion & Depth

These photos were more of a challenge than I had anticipated. I was way more out of practice with my camera than I had thought, so this project was a good refresher of things to watch for and remember when taking photos.I took the following images on 2 separate days, both photoshoots were in the evening around 5 pm, and all of the photos were taken with natural lighting.

The first set of images, Freeze Motion and Blurred Motion, were taken at my apartment complex. To accomplish these shots I focused on shutter speed. For the freeze motion shot, I had a fast shutter speed in order to capture the quick motion and have it appear frozen and still. For the blurred image shot, I had a slower shutter speed to show the blurred motion of the cards. I opted for a shutter speed of 1/800 because I wanted to have the motion blurred but still capture the shape of the cards.

Freeze Motion Image:

Air Time: 4-23-17; 5pm; Rexburg, ID; f 5.6; 1/2000; Canon T5; TV

Blurred Motion Image:

Slight of Hand: 4-23-17; 5pm; Rexburg, ID; f 5.0; 1/800; Canon T5; Manual


The second set of photos were focusing on depth, and therefore I focused my attention on the width of the aperture. For the deep depth photo, I wanted everything to appear in focus. To accomplish this I used a wider aperture of f 22. This allowed me to have everything in focus from the tree branch to the furthest pillars. For the shallow depth, I used a smaller aperture of f 4.5 in order to get the statue in focus and the background blurred for a bokeh effect.

Deep Depth Photo:

Nearly There: 4-25-17; 5pm; BYU-Idaho; f 22; 1/200; Canon T5; AV

Shallow Depth:

Fervently: 4-25-17; 5pm; BYU-Idaho; f 4.5; 1/320; Canon T5; AV


3 thoughts on “Motion & Depth

  1. Hannah I think your pictures look great! I really like your “Air Time” picture. I love how the red on the shoes and the scooter really pop in the picture. It really looks like he is frozen in the air.


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